Conservatives & education

After 38 years in public education, I might mistakenly tell someone, “I have seen it all.” However, that would be a mis-statement. The ingenuity of the human brain to come up with new schemes cannot be overestimated. Conservatives have been working for decades to co-opt the public school […]

The forum

Just back from the Democratic Candidates for Governors Forum. It was the largest crowd ever (about 400 people) with the absolute best answers to questions ever! Moderator Jim Nintzel did an excellent job getting the questions asked and both candidates kept to the two minute response times. Questions were […]

November Newsletter

The November Meeting will be held at 3 pm Saturday, November 18 in the Silver Room at the Madera Clubhouse. The speakers at the meeting will be… POLLY DALY & FRED GINOCCHIO from the ALLIANCE 4 ACTION Polly Daly and Fred Ginocchio from the Alliance 4 Action, and Mary Matiella, CD2 […]

A conversation over heard at breakfast

The following story was sent to me by a friend of my daughter who makes his living as a trauma nurse in an inner-city hospital emergency room after a few tours of duty in Afganistan. “I was in the diner recently, and I overheard the strangest conversation between […]