A borrowed article on Trump’s science policies

Defending Trump’s science policies is an exercise in absurdity By David Levitan, theOutline.com If you happened to spend your October 12 live-streaming a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing on Energy Department oversight, you would have heard Congressman Paul Tonko, a Democrat from New York, interrogate Energy Secretary and former Dancing […]

At yesterday’s meeting

At yesterday’s DCQC October meeting we heard from LD2 State Rep. Rosanna Gabaldon and her efforts to improve policy decisions in the areas of education, the environment and trade with Mexico. We also heard from Mary Matiella who is running for US Representative for Arizona District 2. Mary […]

A must read column from Joe Rothstein

DISTURBING NEW REVELATIONS POINT TO A RIGGED 2016 ELECTION RESULT October 9, 2017 By Joe Rothstein Donald Trump spent much of the 2016 campaign warning us that the result of the presidential election would be rigged. Events of the last few weeks suggest he may have been right […]

October Newsletter

DCQC October Welcome Back Party Saturday – October 21. Meet in the Ocotillo Rm of the Kino Conference Center at 4 pm. Note the time is one hour later than usual. We will be enjoying the buffet provided by the QC Grill (which includes marinated chicken and trip tip), the […]

The Gun Problem

On December 14, 2012, I was working out in a gym when the story of the Sandyhook shooting story broke. At the time I thought this will be the incident that changes the direction of gun legislation – 20 dead children between the ages of six and seven, […]

DCQC September Newsletter

DCQC September Meeting Please note the September Meeting will start at 3 PM in the Silver Room, at the Clubhouse. This is a change in location The post-meeting pot luck hostess will be Ginger Applegarth please RSVP to qcdcdemocrats@gmail.com if you are going to attend. click on the link below to […]

Money, Belief, and Self-fulfilling Prophecy

This was a real conversation I heard yesterday. Conversations like this have been going on all over the country. The cashier was a large man, and his packer was tall but thin. “It’s only going to get worse.” Said the cashier. “No it will get better, our kids […]