Confused about science? Watch this.

DeGrasse Tyson highlights some of the points he made in his three-part series of conversations with Bill Moyers in 2014, which explored a variety of topics, including the beauty of the scientific method in the search for truth, the value of innovations in science and technology in the […]

Trump on the environment – first 100 days

Clearly, environment regulations are not part of the president and existing Republican Party’s agenda. In his first 100 days, our favorite president has overturned, placed under review, or delayed 23 environmental rules.Republicans used to have a reasonably good environmental and consumer record. Consider these five laws: 1. Refrigerator […]

Time for a change in leadership

Tuition vouchers are a foolish disaster for public education. Vouchers may provide the public with a sense that politicians are indeed taking action, an action that will allow businesses to line their pockets at the expense of the next generation. De Vos, Trump, and the Republicans know full […]

Sessions: Border wall must ‘move rapidly’ is carrying the following story today. This is the “rationale for building the wall.” The Democrats have estimated a much higher price tag for construction. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday said it is important for President Trump’s proposed wall along the southern border to move quickly […]